What I'm fighting for...

A Balanced Budget

The Governor has promised more funding for education, but increased funding is only part of the solution. We have to spend our resources wisely, focusing on student achievement and career readiness. I want to give every student the tools they need to succeed.

A Smart Path for Common Core

We allocated $4.6 million to support the implementation of Common Core. Working with our teachers, we have committed resources to each school site, making sure teachers have the training and materials they need to get the job done.

Building Career Pathways for our Students

Our partnership with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) has made math and science relevant to hundreds of students. I want to build partnerships to create pathways for students to choose a career, be it in public safety, the vocational trades, or pursue a college or professional degree. 

A Voice for all in the District

I am committed to working in partnership with the county and our cities to invest wisely in our schools to create jobs, help the community grow, and provide opportunities for our students to succeed.

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